For Developers

Video games are a multi-media application... Retro-X uses many low-level DOS alogorythms... So, if you are a hardcore C++ programmer, Retro-X uses low-level dos functions...

If you are a graphics artist; you may want to draw graphics for Retro-X... Retro-X takes PCX files... I can't draw worth crap; and there will be plenty of graphics in Retro X... If you ever wanted to be part of a video game development; may be you'll want to draw graphics for Retro-X

RetroX will take MIDI for sound... I have to investagate what library I'm going to use; but if you like to create MIDI; and wanted it in a video game; may be you'll want to create MIDI for Retro-X.

Well, what's in it for me? There might be plenty of diffrent arguments in joining an Open Source project... May be your a college student; and this would look good on a job resume... Or may be you believe in the Open Source concept, or you just want to have fun being part of a video game.

If your interested in developing for this project, please e-mail me Logo