The humman race has spread out thru the stars... Settling in new worlds. The Earth lay dead in a great nuclear war. The humman race has survived; and has met many strange creatures. Some waring; and some very peaceful. The humman race being the waring species.

Hummans have advanced greatly... Armies are geneticly engineered into a more stronger species. The humman race is a match of flesh and machinery... Our brains are enhanced by computers... Our senses are products of technology.

Telecommunications is now done directly to the brain... Learning is done by computer technology... Anything that needs to be learned; can be done in a short period of time thru training programs that create nuero-pathways thru the brain.

The weekest point to the humman being is in the flesh... A terriost group has implanted a virus that has a kill rate of 90%... The virus mutates very quickly. Adjusting to any AI model for a vacine...

You are a clone... You've been geneticly engineered as an elite soldier... A special forces unit... You've been adapted with the latest bionics; and weapondry... You are very efficient; and your battle suit injects special drugs that dehibit pain... You can take a lot damage before dying... You have been engineered to be very strong... Inteligent; but very aggressive.

Your mission is to find the source of the virus... AI has predicted the virus is of terrioist origion. You are to investigate the terriost orgnination; and see if you can aquire knowledge of a possible vacine... Mission is Top Secret; but if you don't find something other species will find out; and pure panic will spread out thru the inter-humman network. Logo